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State Medical Faculty of West Bengal is an autonomous body constituted by the Government of West Bengal in terms of the provisions of the statutes of the faculty. The Faculty is empowered with the authority to conduct examinations of various Para Medical Courses as per course curriculum approved by the State Government as also to award Diploma / Certificate to the successful candidates of the approved courses. The Faculty celebrated its centenary in the year 2015 on completion of 100 years of service.The main objective of the Faculty is to build a strong line of Para Medical profesionals and meet the need of Para medics to support the medical professionals. The courses being offered by the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal are approved courses of the State Government and the Diplomas / Certificates awarded by the Faculty are recognized by various states as well as central authorities for the purpose of employment.

For the Academic Year of 2022-23, the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal will conduct the Entrance Examination for Admission to Para Medical Courses in different Medical Colleges/Govt. Institutions, Non-Govt. Affiliated Institutions.-

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